The British Mortgage Senate


The British Mortgage & Protection Senate

Since the global economy erupted in 2007, taking the UK mortgage market with it, we have all worked to reconstruct a robust industry. The shape of the future mortgage and protection market will be defined by decisions made and relationships formed and developed now. To this end, the British Mortgage & Protection Senate aims to provide a unique platform for the key people in and related to the UK mortgage and protection intermediary channel to come together to build a sustainable future for our market. The Senate offers the opportunity for delegates and sponsors to forge or reinforce alliances, to strengthen business relationships and develop a deeper understanding of the roles each other play and how they can, and should, interact. We believe the Senate continues to provide a unique arena in which the key lenders and distributors can work together to establish a bedrock in an industry which is still, to a degree, in flux.

We remain committed to ensuring that the right calibre of delegate and sponsor are contributing to the debate.

We are dedicated to offering you:
-Thought provoking plenary sessions that will shape opinion and drive meaningful debate
-A ‘Chatham House' rules environment for you to offer up real opinion
-An opportunity for you to shape the opinion of all attendees-to discuss debate and draw conclusions on establishing the right direction for key issues.
-The chance to be a key driver behind delivering best practice across the market.
-The opportunity to share and encourage best practice with your peers.
-An ongoing communications vehicle through Linked In to enable you and your peers to continue to act as a group

As part of our obligation to you we are open to any feedback and suggestions on the structure, content and direction of the British Mortgage & Protection Senate